Pregnancy in our life


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(Some the relevant words at parting)

The born baby (human cub) – the same biological object, as volchonok, the piglet or a bear cub.

The nature has pledged capability in the child to live under the laws which one at all do not envision ideal purity, a sleep and rest high security, the regular eat period, lack of draughts, boiled water, warm socks etc. And it is not necessary was conscientious to nonplus the Nature. After all when nature laws do not work, laws others – Love and Pavor laws work. Which one, to put it mildly, are not better at all.

To be solved to follow the Nature, selecting education principles, parents should. Both not to demand, and not to wait, and not to hope that though somebody voluntarily to agree to divide with them liability. And to try to be bypassed by own strength, to think and discover, eventually, golden mean between delights of the Nature and Civilization delights.

In each person are pledged from the moment of a birth two halves – biological and social. Biological is just and there are natural roots, all of us told a time about them. The social half concerns to pedagogics more, and there was it us almost maiden. Probably, and it was necessary. When the child does not get out of illnesses, the most remarkable education not in pleasure.

Therefore the most important task at a stage of an initiation of life – not to lose biological to have then a capability to develop the social.

Here also do not lose! After all this health!

Your child health!


After all it is your child…

The phrase «not the professor and at all the senior lecturer» does not bear at all to negative attitude of the author to professors and senior lecturers. Though the certain part of readers will be failed to gain, apparently, the information from the person who has been not encumbered with levels and ranks. It is a pity, certainly. But here 15 years I are more narrow I have the most direct ratio exceptional to applied medicine, to treatment of children. The hospital attendant, the nurse, the doctor managing compartment of regional hospital. And 10 years from these 15 are donated resuscitation compartment. That only it was not necessary to see for these years… Tens hospitals. Hundreds doctors. Thousand children, thousand mums, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers. Thousand which are giving the chance to me and a moral right to write this book, without being neither the professor, nor the senior lecturer.

The pediatrist – the doctor engaging in rendering medical and a disease-prevention service to children. As the book all the same concerns medicine without «special clever» special words to be bypassed hardly it will be possible.

Losses as you perceive, can be the most miscellaneous – from loss of health before dead time. About financial expenses we already also do not speak.

The author actually knows that at a polyhedron of the sides is not present – only one edges, but it does not change an essence of the matter.

Not to be put out

Let’s note: neprintsipialno whom this type is created – God or change of aircraft attitude.

To the readers perturbed with promising of the author to express easier and not to use special «clever» words, I report: the word «genotype» is included in the training program in biology of customary high school.

Exclusions, truth, happen (read «New testament»), but they are very rare.

At least, in visible for the author geographical room.

Pertaining to an estimate medical transactions it is necessary to note that at the moment of writing of these lines monthly transactions of the specialist with the diploma about the higher medical education it is paid the same as 1 working hours of the prostitute. And I very much would like to eliminate the previous sentence from the second issuing of the book.

Till a birth the child shapes the skeleton of calcium and phosphorus of mother. Therefore in connection with shortage of calcium and phosphorus cogs can start to «rot». If they are not very good any more it is desirable to order the mouth in advance that then, being the pregnant woman, not to run also to stomatologists.

Pay attention to intonation – not categorically it «is impossible», and simply, silently and humanly it «is not necessary».

To be honest, that condition, traditions and associates at anything – simply most very much it would be desirable – truth?

«Clever» title of vitamin «D» – an ergocalciferol. Acquire its Solutio oleosa, on flakonchike it is written, how much unities are contained in one drip (more often 1400). Can use on a drip of times in three days. If on a box with vitamins the ergocalciferol dose is pointed in milligrammes, you should strain the mathematical capabilities very much. 1 units = 0,000025 mg.

I was absolutely conscientious do not fix attention to the problems connected to preparation for an occurring of the baby (how much, that, why, what for?). Read some more heads and all will know.

Let you will calm: the husband of an elephant cow – an elephant – should suffer already 22 months!

neonatolog – the pediatrist, the specialist on newborns.

Such minimum temperature should be in chamber of newborns of maternity home according to operating instructions.

So the woman being in maternity home who has already given birth is termed. That which one has not given birth the parturient woman is termed. About, great and mighty Russian!

About a female chest and milk later and more in detail in the separate chapter.

By the way, references of doctors pertaining to a supply of the woman in childbirth perfectly illustrate clash of opinions of gynecologists and pediatrists. Gynecologists demand to yield chocolate that mum has more promptly recovered forces, and pediatrists, to the contrary, to yield chocolate do not demand, as know that to the child similar recovery of forces will quit sideways.

Russian dictionary. S.I.Ozhegov’s maker. Moscow, 1953

I illustrate: if the child is really severely sick, its treatment is prolonged in special compartments of a pathology of newborns or compartments for premature children. In this case to get home in the maiden 28 days after a birth – that is in a continuance novorozhdennosti – not always it is possible, and if it was possible, means, the most terrible, apparently, already behind.

Staphilococci cause a large quantity of illnesses – from a pneumonia and diarrhoeia to a meningitis; streptococci – quinsy, a scarlatina, rheumatic disease, an erysipilatous inflammation; a diphtheritic rod – a diphtheria; salmonellas – the hardest intestinal taints.

These outputs are made, as a rule, not by authors of books and textbooks, and parents.

Sweat glands at the newborn are developed badly, that is he the Nature is adapted for heat waste by means of breath.

Intertrigo – the inflammation of a skin originating, primarily, in its tucks.

Thrush – an inflammation of a mucosa of the oral cavity, caused by yeast-like fungi.

To realise this rule it is necessary, certainly, not in 5 years and not in 10, and from the moment of a birth.

For some reason it seems to the author that the majority of readers does not have air conditioners and installations of an artificial climate. An open air vent – the most abundant engineering device for an indoor air temperature reduction. Talk about a draught in this case can appear quite pertinent.

Determination from the Explanatory dictionary.

Interesting, to whom maiden has come to mind thought concerning what the Nature can create a biological species for which one the airstream represents awesome hazard?

By the way, the servants not necessarily should be from the side (the worker of wage labour). Events when in the capacity of servants the young father considers the characteristic wife or the mother-in-law, and young mum – the mother-in-law  are frequent.

There is one more relevant measure, read about it in chapter 6 – section «Than and in what amounts to give to drink».

The bi-monthly son of my friends possessed unique talent to start up a jet through a characteristic head (in a dorsal decubitus).

Was quite possiblly that the habit worked out in the early childhood to giddiness contributes in originating of harmful predilections. After all inherently, a motion desease the same harmfulness, as smoking or alcoholism.

Was quite possiblly that, on a science, neonatal is a child from the moment of a birth till 28 days. But what in this information for parents? Yes anything! After all care of the kid in 20 days and in 40 is absolutely equal. Another matter, not healed umbilical ranka when special precautions are necessary. And, from the point of view of common sense, the newborn ceases to be the newborn after the belly-button – the last interlink between the child and an organism of his mother has healed. It is clear that one baby ceases to be the newborn in 7 days, and another in 14. But the main thing – all of them miscellaneous. And parents in the activities should be guided not by a calendar, and for cues which one are gived by the Nature.

The author logically implies that you take water from the easel or a pit, instead of from a puddle, the river or a pond.

Actually, it is possible and 20 degrees, primely warm water to wash off with what it has soiled itself(himself) lighter.

I am assured that any sane parent, knowing how to enter a standard situation, can use this information with reference to in-situ conditions of existence of his family.

Here again, and further, speaking about a balcony, the author implies the second alternative of a standard situation – a certain place in a yard side provided that you have the boom. Was very relevant that the child could be seen, without running out in a yard side, and to hear, when he will begin to cry.

Vegetarianism, syroedenie, a cleft delivery, etc.

Truths for the sake of are necessary for marking that in the maiden month of lactation it is very rare on it it is possible to spare a time. To prepare a mixture it is lighter, than actively to be decanted and generally for chest to track. But mother and the child quickly enough are to each other adjusted and, the the baby is higher, the it is less than time and efforts are demanded by lactation.

Hormone – the matter selected in a blood with hemadens.

I underline: it is a question not of exclusion of fat nutriment, and about its use in smaller amounts. Completely to eliminate greases, for example, struggling for the figure, generally it is intolerable, at least because many vitamins are diluted exceptional in greases.

Instinct – knack to commit reasonable activities.

Surprisingly, but the female chest and a mamma is same.

Antiseptic – the matter possessing antimicrobic activity.

Was quite possiblly that air temperature indoors will not allow you to walk with the uncovered chest. In a similar situation some women demonstrate ingenuity miracles, inventing various modes of muffling and obmatyvanija chests at which one there is unclosed only a papilla, and all remaining – in heat.

Pyesis signs domestic – a purulent discharge from cracks, a constant redness round them. Pyesis signs in the gland – the constant pain often pulsing, relieving at contact piece with cold, a clear rise of temperature of a skin of a chest, plus a redness or cyanosis, painfull districts of sealing, purulent discharges from a papilla.

The somnolent man – is flasque also harms. Better the kind and active husband, than ostensibly disciplined child.

It necessarily will happen, if milk is not real to remain in a chest.

The author absolutely anything bad does not want to tell about the conjurers appearing in circus. But to take people for a ride outside of arena completely not necessarily.

At night the child rarely manages to shout alone – minutes through 20 grandmothers who in bright and figurative national expressions report to parents about their pedagogical insolvency are hooked up to it. Weeks through two all members of monogynopaedium have a capability to sleep (except mum, certainly, which one fulfils cot functions).

Overhead references on dummy manufacture are actual, when the child eats from a mum’s chest at least incidentally. If it is a question of artificial feeding – there is nothing to be afraid, because there is nothing to launch. But anyway from an inverted small bottle the fluid should not run a trickle, is optimum – a drip per second.

To avoid waste maternal hysterics, I report that intolerance of cow milk – not tragedy, and nuisance. Mixtures are elaborated, free of cow milk protein (soybean, almond milk) – «Nutri-soya», «Similak-Isomylum», «ProSojal», etc. the Problem only in at first to discover money for purchasing, and then to discover these mixtures on sale.

Nevertheless, there is a probability that the reader of this book lives in a lift-off from a civilisation, having a cow, but, without having the rack selling the adapted milk mix. Taking into account it, cow milk can be used as follows: 120 ml of milk (the boiled!) + 80 ml of boiled water + 1,5 teaspoons of Saccharum. Within a month without any fears for its health it is possible to feed the child with divorced cow milk. But it is very desirable to try to make contact for this month to a civilisation and nevertheless to purchase the adapted milk mix. Once again I underline: any dry-mix is better – more purely, is stable on composition, contains vitamins.

Curds is better to add in kefir and to feed from a spoon. Saccharum in the moderate amounts depending on taste of kefir.

Milk gruels to plot on a flour – buckwheat, oat, rice. Lack of a flour on sale – it doesn’t matter. Use a customary coffee grinder. Solid-to-liquid ratio of gruel – hardly more dense than milk.

The rachitis (hypovitaminosis D) is displayed by violation of formation and development of bones, and in certain cases – various violations from the excitatory system and an internal.

Speaking about abiding on the sun, the author means hit on a skin of ultraviolet rays. Hence, if you in a fur coat, and the child in a shut carriage it is better to drink vitamin D.

There is it not instantaneously. For sanitation of lungs 15 minutes are required at least.

It is impossible to forget and that water is chlorated for the purpose of disinfection, and concentration of steams of chlorine in bathroom air can be enough significant. Adults with chlorine you will not surprise, however to the newborn it absolutely to what.

The most known national measuring method of temperature without any temperature indicators – to sink in water an elbow. It really allows not to scald the child. But water which one will be demonstrated you standard (warm), for the child, for certain, will be not the best. Therefore do not reject reaching of a civilisation and be spent for the temperature indicator.

For example, to borrow for a while the temperature indicator at the neighbour-amateur photographer and to check indications with the temperature indicator which one was purchased by you.

Actually, according to some rather authoritative physiologists, water temperature can be much more low. But I at the very beginning of the book fairly admitted that no any ratio to extremism I have.

Expression not mine, and M.M.Zhvanetsky.

I can admit, of course, that there are the people who are taking pleasure in night dialogue with the child each half an hour. To achieve it it is easily: engage in a room the defroster, mount the child of 2 hats and 2 baby’s undershirts, turn in 2 diapers, on top straddle a blanket. Give to drink boiled water, and from monthly age yield more fruit juices. Bathe in warm water (37 degrees) no more than 5 minutes. Its regular night wails and your, not less regular, vigils are warranted. I resemble that from hospital stands, the person causing travails, is termed as the masochist, and causing travails another (to the characteristic child, for example) – the sadist.

For the grandfather who have tolerated an infarct a load, maybe, and badly, but for the child – it is very good.

And in this problem convincing plus of serotinal bathing – is visible at 23-24 o’clock. The standard father, whatever large and the ranking officer it was, all the same should be from operation by 23.00.

We after bathing will delete superfluous water, and the regular contact piece to water is not hazardous to ears, in that event, certainly, if the initiation of contact piece and a habit to it is necessary on a continuance novorozhdennosti. Besides, it is necessary to know that in an acoustic duct the earwax which one role is brought together to sanitation of an ear of dust and a mud is permanently worked out. Wetting brimstone, we prevent its excessive accumulating and we maintain due purity.

Sizes of slices of a foamed plastic can be miscellaneous – than less, especially naturally the child floats, the more, the lighter and the easier all – both to the baby and parents.

Forgive for a nonliterary word «kakat», but expression «to commit the defecation act», in my opinion, too not so approaches to 4 monthly child.

I pay attention: daily handling of the child by oil is not obligatory. If problems with a skin are not present, prophylactic smearing of tucks 1–2 times a week is quite enough.

As the crying parents can be the diversified, and it is perceived by parents as an illness sign, logical will tell about it later – in 11th chapter devoted to diseases.

It is not necessary to be afraid of a platypodia. After all in the street the child will walk in shoe, barefoot – only in the dwelling. All it, of course, can be, but you after all remember – that happens rarely, happens very rarely.

Any quenching and conducts of life completely to prevent nurseries hvori it is impossible. Each person meets in the life huge number of germs. And until to the majority of them in an organism immunodefence, infectious diseases – inevitability will not be worked out. But the micro-organism to which one protections are not present  will always be. Therefore are ill all – both children, and adults. And it is absolutely not basic – to be ill or not to be ill. Was relevant how to be ill – how much often and how much heavily.

That to you was to perceive lighter this information, strongly I advise to re-read section «Temperature conditions of a children’s room» in chapter 5.

In the human tongue, mucus escaping from a nose is termed «snivels».

In an event when a drugstore farly or to run there there is no time, can make a physiological solution semblance – on 1 litre of boiled water add 1 teaspoon of salt if to be more exact – 9 gramme.

The virus croup represents very much a massive problem for many monogynopaediums. Wishing to gain more the detail information we address to E.O.Komarovskogo’s monography «the Virus croup at children», issued in 1993 the Kharkov publishing house «Folio».

Almost everything that we will speak about antibiotics, equally to concern and to other drugs, capable to slay bacteria – to the same Sulfanilamidums, for example.

If have forgotten as – look in chapter 7.

If to the child it was performed one and a half year and it does not have explicitly expressed rachitis (demanding treatment, instead of protective treatment) – vitamin D is not so necessary.


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The healthy child it is not meaningful to cause to drink water. That is, if the doctor has told to you that the kid necessarily should drink of 100 ml in day of water, and he is failed, it at all tragedy – your case to tender, and to drink or not to drink – the child will solve.

References of are conventional that the child should drink boiled water. You should know that boiled water has not something in common with biological needs of the person as any standard alive being does not drink some boiled water.

Boiling sets as the purpose killing of causative organisms, but the salts resolved in water which one too are necessary to an organism of the child thus precipitate.

Thus, it is necessary to slay two hares – to ensure purity of water and to save thus its natural composition. The task in view solution was foolproof and to make it it is possible following modes:

1. To bring waters from a fontanel or a blow-well: the 3-litre jar which one in a shut type will stand in a refrigeration cabinet, for 1–2 months quite will suffice you, also remains.

2. To purchase in an epicure a bottle of mineral water of neutral taste (not «Narzan», and not «Borzhomi», certainly). If water is bubbled up, to delete gas (to unclose, chat, hinder, wait).

3. At impossibility of usage of these trajectories to ensure purity and a decent mineral status of a fluid it is possible, having prepared raisin decoction. It is made as follows: raisin well washed out in cold water is welded up, as tea, or damped in a thermos – on 1 table spoon of raisin – 1 glassful of boiled water. In an hour the beverage is possible to the necessary temperature, and drink on health.

The amount of a fluid indispensable for the child is spotted by that, how much a fluid it loses. The main trajectories of loss by a water organism – humidification of an inhaled air and a diaphoresis.

Than more warmly indoors and the the child is more warmly dressed, the it is more than fluid loses, the more actually for it a drinking.

At air temperature in a room which is not exceeding 20 degrees to cause the baby to drink it is very difficult. At 24 degrees the water needs are equal, roughly, 30 ml on 1 kg of weight a day, that is for the newborn about 100 ml.

Certainly, what to yield the child water it is necessary in gaps between feedings if has woken up, for example, an hour later after meal. Check, the healthy kid whom fluids do not suffice, will easy not sleep from feeding before feeding never. At shortage of a fluid intestinal juice becomes dense and does not manage the obligations on nutriment rehash. And the tummy is ill the child. Therefore doctors have invented a remarkable mode to treat abdominal pains – assign fennel water. To the child did not give to drink, and he cried. Have then started to yield fennel water and all has transited. Only dill here at anything. With the same success, it is possible to drink petrushkovuju, celery and salad water. The main thing in other: if to avoid fluid losses it is not possible – very hot – to provision of the child by water besides maternal milk the primary attention should be paid.

Unlike milk mixes which one temperature should be 36–37 degrees, water can be more cool – 26–30 degrees in the maiden 1–2 months of life and about 20 degrees – to children more advanced age.

Anyway the drinking problem is secondary. It simply does not exist, if the due temperature conditions (18–19 degrees) are indoors ensured. And for this reason the desire or reluctance to drink water is is exceptional friend measure, allowing to answer a problem: there is an overheating or it is not present. It is healthy, but greedy drinks – means have overheated. Fast take measures. It is failed from a drinking – well and it is fine (I resemble: our case to tender).


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In most cases reversal with the child (specially newborn) resembles reversal with a porcelain casserole drevnekitajskogo productions. Fear something there to break, splay, expand (alternatives – to cripple, break down, damage) it is so strong that many men do not touch children generally, and mothers, specially young, test a subnodal shiver if needed to tolerate the child from a bed on pelenalnyj the stage.

As a whole, the only thing that with the child it is impossible to make categorically so it it to drop. Almost it withstands all other keyings quite easy. But to be engaged in these keyings it is necessary, since a continuance novorozhdennosti, instead of before school. Parents should realise accurately that fact that slopes and bruises meet in children’s life not less often, than catarrhal diseases. Both arms, and legs, and a neck, and… All remaining need ageing.

More precisely, it is not so much in ageing, how much in nebezdejstvii. The nature (again it, darling) has quite prepared your child for that you skipped on trees, and it was thus held down for your skin. From the moment of a birth at the child the so-called grasp reflex is perfectly expressed: nest in a palm of the kid your pin, and it will set for it. It is quite often possible to hoist arms, and the child itself will hang. Not to hold down at all you, certainly, be afraid, therefore use index and major setpins (at first major in both pens, and when will set, hold index). It not «focal points» and not «mockery». So it is possible and it is necessary to tolerate the child, in the beginning, it is desirable, for small spacing intervals, and then will see, how it is pleasant to it. Has begun to cry. It is necessary to swaddle. Prepare all on the stage, undress the child in a bed, yield it to seize your arms and easy tolerate. The newborn can be taken for legs and to turn over headfirst – too no trouble. Some alternatives of activities are demonstrated in pictures.

Check to the doctor, please! Silly to underrate the child, and here with characteristic pavor it is necessary to struggle. To struggle with pavor, then to be afraid less though halters, most likely, will be more.


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There is a national sign: if at the child have actively run sljuni – means cogs will soon get. My personal experience does not affirm this wisdom. Since two-three months sljuni run at everything, and cogs occur, as a rule, after six.

The time of appearance of cogs (at a standard delivery and a maintenance) depends, primarily, on a heredity, certainly, in certain limits. There are no bases for trouble if all is absolutely standard, to the child of 9 months, and cogs are not present.

And more one moment. The hospital science considers that the teething is very rarely tracked by disease state development. But practical doctors (the author including) and an overwhelming majority of parents pretty often watch, as at, apparently, healthy child suddenly the mood unexpectedly rots, the temperature is increased, diarrhoeia sometimes begins. And in 2–3 days the cog is cut through, and all transits.


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Under mice we pull out the child from water and it is covered to it a head a major diaper – major enough to wrap the kid bodily. And in such type, without wiping it in a bathroom, we depart to our native pelenalnomu to the stage. To the child rather it is not hot, still – wet in a cool room! And it is very good – one more tempering routine. On the stage we lead up a skin to a dryness (to get wet instead of to wipe!), specially to hurry up and be nervous concerning that will congeal, it is not necessary. Have exsiccated? We will treat now. To begin with we will take vegetable oil – is better special children’s (olive), but boiled on a water bath sunflower too quite will fit. We will wet wad and we will wipe all tucks of a skin available for the child in that, certainly, an event if there there are no cultivations.[73] And them never will (!) be – Daily bathe, do not muffle up and track temperature conditions of a children’s room. In the presence of an intertrigo – we use dusting powders. Special attention at handling give to sexual organs. To boys do not forget to lubricate a skin tuck under a scrotum, and to girls wipe wad, the wetted water (it is better boiled), a genital hiatus. A direction of movements – from a pubis to a bottom – and not differently! If has come it is time, cut fingernails.

Now it is possible and to swaddle (or to mount a baby’s undershirt and slider). There was a head. The main thing (after bathing, certainly) – ears. We take a match, tightly we wind on its extremity web then it from a match it is dischargeable. The dense turunda of the cone-shaped form, and its tip we is gained we thrust in an eye. Hydroscopic wad will imbibe in itself water remainders. To delete web it is not necessary before thorough drying of a horsehead of the child (hour 2–3 can to be tampered with). If wad falls out – mount a thin hat which one after a trough, for certain, will not damage to the kid and very much will help you to be even quieter. If during bathing the kid though has some times dived and after that sneezed, – anything with a nose it is not necessary to make. If did not dive and did not sneeze – all the same in a nose (children’s) be not picked. Make is better so that next day he in a trough has some times sneezed (dive).

And now try to deliver itself to the place of your child. You bathed in cold water, very much were tired, and after routine a little prodrogli in cool air of a room. But you have dry wiped, heat have dressed… Echos, now to have a bite and on the side… So it also will be. However to meal it is desirable to revile the kid of minutes 15–20 in a verticality more likely to release a maw from water which one he in a bathroom has engorged.

Feed and – good night.

Happen, truth, so active «swimmers» that after a trough have no forces even on meal – more likely to sleep. Let will fall asleep, do not worry. In this case the child, as a rule, in 1,5–2 hours will wake up with brutal appetite after which one satisfying will fall asleep proofly and for a long time. It is clear that such child is better for bathing hours per 9–10 evenings, just by midnight you all monogynopaedium and will quit on a regimen of a quiet night sleep.

In the summer, besides hardening, the trough has huge positive meaning – bathing salvages the child from overheating. And if the kid suffers affliction from heat, that, check, after short abiding in cool water (10–15 minutes) it it will be good to sleep and noticeably it is better to eat. I some times interfered with with a situation when thoracal children were bathed by 3–4 times a day, being salvaged from heat. Only do not forget, before summer floating it is good to give a drink the child (that less than saws from a trough).

In summary yield we will consider sad and, unfortunately, quite real situation defined by that the characteristic trough at you is not present. In this case it is necessary to buy nevertheless a special children’s tray, it is better plastic – it both it is lighter, and is more low-cost. The room for bathing of meaning has no, if only there was pure and cool air. But try to type in a tray of more water that the thorax has been immersed completely. The main thing that we lose, is a capability of active movements of the child, therefore it cannot work out heat and longly to hold down it in water it is impossible. Principles and regulations do not change – to boil water it is not necessary, ears should be wetted, if is happy and well itself leads – do not hurry up to pull out. There is no need to add warm water. It is quite possible and turn over on a tummy, and «unintentionally» to dive. Regulations of a taking out from a trough and the further hygienic handling former. Eventually, knowing, as it is necessary to bathe in a trough major, you can always think how to apply this information to a trough small.

And more one moment. Grandmothers, certainly, will tell to you that for a bottom of a trough it is not necessary to suppose a diaper, but can explain why. I explain: in those days, when lived and washed children of the grandmother of your grandmothers, children bathed in wood koryttsah (similar that the grandfather appealed for a goldfish). And, not to wound child (chip, splinter), on bottom was necessary to lay a tissue chunk. Truth simply? And what for in a plastic tray a diaper, I do not know. And nobody knows. So it is possible to agree before that on a bottom of a major trough we will lay down a sheet.


28 Сентябрь 2012 – 18:30

The child will want to make all aforesaid and will make, without special your help. A role of parents only in one – so to nurture, that sitting, crawling, stand and boating were not transmuted into heavy and dangerous transactions: to season, develop a musculation, to undertake standards for rachitis protective treatment.

Any stands and boatings on a flap are very advisable barefoot, to the child in the dwelling it is not necessary for any shoe. Working thus, you on all life eliminate a problem of wet legs.[75]


28 Сентябрь 2012 – 15:31

Children’s guljanie logically differs from walks of adults and pursues slightly other aims. Whatever remarkable was the children’s room, and the more, the better, because it fresh air all the same is indispensable for it naturally enough for the kid.

Always it is necessary to be aimed to that to the child it has been selected the place where it will walk (is discovered). Basically the balcony if you live in a city or a certain place in a yard side if you have the dwelling is ideal. The situation, when there is no neither that, nor another is most difficult: any walk demands constant presence near the child of adults which one have also another matters (washing, a sweeping, a sleep, meal cooking, etc.).

To begin with yield we will consider the most standard, and, means, most often meeting situation.[39]

So, the child lives with parents in a customary dwelling unit of the multistory residential building. To ward from maternity home the balcony should be prepared to guljaniju – is cleared of stuff, it is quite good, if is glazed, but it is completely not obligatory. On a balcony we will deliver a carriage, in it the child and will sleep.[40]

The situation when in the presence of a balcony heroic efforts on vytaskivaniju carriages on street are committed is absolutely not rationalised, and then to its racking is inverse.

The walks of mum consisting in perekatyvanii carriages from one street on another, are not necessary to the child. I perfectly perceive that you very much would like to demonstrate to neigbours and girlfriends a modern cabin on caster wheels, but to the baby of it not to perceive. Mum always has a dump of businesses and there will be nothing good that you will much be developed, and the father who has come from operation will yaw on galley in search of a food. Besides, it is completely not obligatory, that on the child passers-by sneezed and the mud from under sprockets flied.

Any rolling on streets should be conditioned by necessity: there are no helpers, and it is necessary to visit rack or milk galley, the time has come to visit an out-patient department, it would be desirable to take a walk together with the husband in the evening and to rest from house vanity, there is no balcony, eventually.

The earlier you will start to inure the child to abiding in the open air, the better. For 10th day of life it is possible to sit with it on a balcony of minutes 15–20. Next day – 2 times on half an hour and, gradually enlarging frequency and duration of walks, to monthly age to make so that the child spent on a balcony all the day long.

Has woken up, have fed – to walk. Have skidded, have fed – to walk and so on. On a balcony the child always sleeps is better and eats after that with major appetite. And it is absolutely not clear, it is necessary why to walk 1 or 2 times a day.

Special problem – weather conditions. At standard clothing and protection of the child against a wind the healthy kid pretty well feels and at the negative temperature. Here a rule, friend for storage: on every month life a minus of 5 degrees, but not more low 15. I transport: at the age of 1–2 months the temperature should not be more low a minus of 5 degrees, in 2–3 months – more low a minus 10 etc.

By and large, the negative temperatures haul noticeably less efforts, than positive. In heat, specially if a balcony on sunny side, it is impossible to walk generally and it is necessary to search for the most cool place in the dwelling or in a yard side.

Parents always stirs how to dress the kid collecting on walk. To answer this problem it is possible only after you will return. If the child sweaty and red, necessarily diminish next time a clothing amount. Each child in own way reacts on guljanie and to make the multiple-purpose references it is almost impossible. It will be quite explainable, if for the first time you are overzealous with clothing. The main thing that then you have drawn the correct outputs. Usually, if to the child it is hot, he is capricious also it promptly it is necessary to skid in the dwelling. Is cold happens is exceptional rarely – adults are so intimidated by chill that do not admit it never. I, at least, never interfered with with the congealed child. But children surprisingly resembling boiled crabs, saw multiply.

On a balcony the child, as a rule, sleeps edgewise. Was relevant thus so to allocate a carriage that you saw its face through a window glass, without jumping out on a balcony.

In the featured regimen guljanija it is interested not only the child, but also his parents. Never more than such "gold" time at you will be. The maiden 3–4 months of life the baby easy sleeps on a balcony the bulk of day, allowing mother to rest and order normally children’s things, a dwelling unit and.

Certainly that in process of growth of the child guljanie will introduce the increasing problem, demanding a time and attention.

But major principles guljanija remain lifelong:

– Correspondence of clothing and temperature;

– To the child to be warmed lighter, being propelled, instead of putting on!

– If says that is hot – check and help.


28 Сентябрь 2012 – 14:21

That-that, but references pertaining to a children’s room to fulfil it is easily without dependence from age. Diminish temperature, remove dust radiants. Any hot plates. Warm and a dry air – the principal parent of adenoides and adenoid diseases.

To a huge-preogromnomu regret, in wide parent masses conviction what doctors can was formed and are bound to recover the child the lost health. All (or nearly so all) at heart wait from the doctor of a major gold tablet which one without fail and very promptly will help. Fathom and check: tablets and doctors – the most slidable and unreliable trajectory if you struggled with the Nature, trying to shield the child from this Nature. And you, most likely, also were engaged in it: tightly swaddled, without allowing poshevelnutsja; fed with everything, convinced that mum’s milk, certainly, insufficiently; held down in warm, stuff and obveshannoj carpets to a room; rarely walked – that a rain, a wind, a frost primely were tired on operation; actively displayed the ostensibly love chocolate and warm clothing. You have much-very made that your kid became the cleverest. And instead of walks and plays with contemporaries he played a piano and learnt a foreign language. And now… He argues – just as the adult, and plays music – will be heard. One alien so they have each other perceived recently called on, introduce! But the happiness is not present… Because very well, yes after all is ill. Well it is simple from hvorej does not get out.

And you never (!) will save the child of illnesses, yet will not fathom: not the love is displayed by meal and heat!

Love not in presenting a chocolate, and in together to be transversed in the morning, and on Sunday to go to working scaffolds. But to rack with a chocolate and to an out-patient department with the doctor is closer, than to working scaffolds. A leah in it the essence?

Love not in treating a trifling cold the most fashionable, most expensive and most deficient drugs, and in being bypassed by a minimum, and it is even better – to be bypassed generally.

The child was ill. Its organism, still a civilisation ultimately not spoilt, actively opposes: it is failed from meal; shuts down contagiums, organising mucus and deleting its tussis and a cold; works out shielding agents, increasing body temperature. Parents together with germs too very much struggle with an organism of the child – force down temperature, create in a room is intolerable a stuff aerosphere, cause to eat more, excruciate by means of jars and Sinapismuses, any mucks in a nose drip, by means of iodine draw on the child of a section etc., etc. But our children are so healthy that, despite all mockeries, manage to recover! However "loving" mum and the father all the same achieve something: after all so far as to an organism actively hindered, durable immunity is not shaped. And the child is ill with the same taint again.

The main task of parents – to help an organism of the child to struggle with disease!

The main task of the doctor – a leah can value an organism of the child to manage itself or to it (organism) certainly necessary assistance!

First of all, you should be aimed to treat less than the child.

If the doctor has told that is not necessary tablets, and it is necessary not to feed violently more to give to drink and create in a room an aerosphere of cool air sigh with alleviating and be abirritated.

You, certainly, can always discover "umeltsa" which one for an additional compensation will make out dozen prescriptions. But in this case God to you (and umeltsu) the judge.

And last. Should be ill to be bad. But very often happens absolutely to the contrary. While healthy – all monogynopaedium at the businesses and if was ill, there and then in a centre of attention, any meal, any toys, any whims. Simply and it would not be desirable to recover. «The patient is impossible for You because you. Here you will be corrected, then…» It not cruelty is a common sense. Cruelly another – all free time to drag the child on doctors, to make the alternate tests, is «for mum» and «for the father», to hold down locked up, to walk only in nosochkah, to drink only lukewarm, there is only a tasty.

You after all so love it, and he is ill.

Perhaps, you love not so?


28 Сентябрь 2012 – 10:14

I resemble – the door in a bathroom is unclosed.

To sit on a stool first, perhaps, it is not necessary. When prilovchites – please.

So, we sink the kid in water, all bodily that from water looked only a face. To hold down the child it is possible only for a horsehead – a little finger under a neck, and remaining setpins – under a nucha. The the head, the better, and no trouble if water falls in eyes if only a nose and a mouth were on a surface is more submersed. At once it is possible to note the following: the trunk which one you at all do not hold down, to a bottom is not sinked, and, vice-versa, floats. Thus the thorax and a belly, as a rule, stick out of water. Therefore, the second arm, it is necessary to regulate trunk dip that both the thorax and a belly completely were underwater. I pay attention – any hazard that water falls in ears, no![70]

After the kid will appear in a major trough, you immediately will fathom the basic odds of this alternative of bathing, and steeping in a children’s tray. You will see, how to easily child to move, without any hazard to be hit about trough walls.

Closely watch of behaviour of the child – if it is not active, easy lies, yawns, means, this water for it warm, and, hence, the bad. Maintaining for a horsehead, move the kid in water from one edge of a trough to another. For the first time specially to experiment sense is not present – all participants of process of bathing still should get used and adapt, but to parents it to make is much more difficult. Basically, for a house trough three positions are quite sufficient – one is featured above, another consists in floating on a belly (have turned over the child, its chin is between diluted in the sides major and index with setpins), and third – assidenous. It appears, in a major trough the child can sit already in a continuance novorozhdennosti! The further activities of parents do not demand any special knowledge – only common sense. After all it is obvious that in 15 minutes water temperature in a bathroom will drop on 1–2 degrees, and this temperature will be for the child already familiar at following bathing. If you are afraid to reduce promptly temperature, make as follows: begin with 34 degrees and in 2–3 days diminish start water temperature by 1 degree. We should achieve that the kid in a trough was active. That at you it will be gained, depends not only on you, but also to no small degree from the child. Each baby has singularities of regulation of body temperature proper only in it, and to foretell minimum water temperature it is primely impossible: one smiles at 23 degrees, another shouts at 30. Temporary and temperature checkpoints the following:

– In a bathing initiation – 34 degrees, 15 minutes;

– To monthly age – 30–32 degrees of 20-25 minutes;

– In 2 months – 28–30 degrees, 30 minutes. I underline are checkpoints. If the kid in 2 months easy floats at 24 degrees – very well and completely not terribly. But it does not mean that it such the especial. That’s just the point that it can any! To primely this child has carried with parents. Last are deprived prejudices, and common sense level have more than the average. In elongation of a time of bathing and the greatest possible temperature reduction of water are interested all. Than more the child will be tired, especially quiet night is ensured to his parents.

And more some information and some references. In very many manyplies devoted to bathing and floating of children, diving routine explicitly is featured. So explicitly that many parents consider it in the capacity of the obligatory. And as overcome characteristic pavor cannot, prefer the child not to bathe in a major trough generally. If very much be afraid, – do not dive. But it is better to bathe without divings, than to scoff at itself and the baby, rinsing it in a small tray. Actually in diving no trouble is not present – at the newborn the jerk hindering hit of water in respiratory tracts is very strongly expressed. If within two-three months not to dive, this jerk dies away and it is possible to choke. But, fortunately, routine of bathing in a major trough is impossible without that at some instant the child has not slid off your arm and was not diped completely under water. Be not afraid! It even is good – pick up, put, yield it to shout, cough, pochihat. At the same time vykashljaet and vychihaet all dust that has accumulated for a day in the upper respiratory tracts. It will be abirritated – prolong bathing. Nevertheless, the situation when parents was conscientious will organise diving – is more preferential. To make it follows in a standing of the child on a belly. Loudly say a word "dive" and lead the child some secs underwater. At it the conditioned reflex will very promptly be worked out, and one only words "dive" will be enough that the kid has self-contained held the breath.

I was absolutely conscientious do not try to take you for a ride particulars concerning bathing engineering: as it is necessary to hold down the child how to turn, how to sit, etc. to All to it you promptly learn if will be guided by the principles featured above.

The only thing that, most likely, is required to you, so it is maintaining a horsehead of the child a hat. For what it is necessary? First of all, to make routine of bathing of more pleasant for parents. Obviously after all, to sit or stand semiincurvated during 30–40 minutes very heavily. Also it is impossible to make the child healthy for appearance of a radiculitis at his father. Therefore is elderly about two months it is necessary to fabricate a special hat and as it is made, we now will tell.

It is necessary to have:

– A customary thin wadded hat (pinner);

– A fine texture chunk in size with half of diaper;

– 2 brusochka a foamed plastic which one optimum size matches to sizes of a customary member of cigarettes.[71]

In the beginning a foamed plastic is sewed around by a tissue, and then fixed on a hat as it is demonstrated in a picture. I pay attention – the upper edge brusochkov should be raised over a horsehead of the child. The baby in such hat causes sense of affection, resembling the tender and noble Cheburashka.

Bathing routine in a hat differs nothing from that that is featured above for a standing of the child on a back. Within a week, gradually removing an arm maintaining the child, you teach it to float and can easy read during bathing the newspaper. Floating self-contained, children are repelled often by legs from edge of a trough and promptly sail in its inverse extremity, being hit by a head. Therefore I also have paid your attention that brusochki a foamed plastic should be raised over a head, advocating the child from shocks on top and sideways. Was quite possiblly that you will invent more original construction. On health.

Since bi-monthly age, it is very good to hang up over a toy bathroom on thin strings that the child, floating, looked at them, a bit later he will tamper with their pens.

Month of bathing in a hat it is quite enough to take out and it: the child has already learnt to hold down correctly a horsehead, can quite float itself. It is impossible – it is not necessary. We do not set as the purpose to teach it to float. One is necessary for us only – that daily during a certain time the kid was in cool water because it is regular holodovoe action most efficiently for stimulation of vital forces of the child and its capability to counter infectious diseases.

Certainly, it will be very good, if the child learns to float. Coming up with a smile on an attractive face the six-month-old baby – a show indelible. But parents, capable to ensure to the children constant floating, it is not enough. In a house trough any divings concludes after the child starts to sit. Basin at an out-patient department – another matter, but as soon as you will cease to visit him, skills will promptly die away. Therefore I iterate: to be able or not to be able in thoracal age to float – a problem not basic. It is spotted by retention of free time at parents and welfare of monogynopaedium. Solve him if only to you it was friend.

Most likely, your monogynopaedium – customary monogynopaedium. Also has no means for individual basin and the instructor in floating. Till 6–7 months to you and your child of a house trough quite will suffice. And after that we will simply modified a bathing procedure – we will type in a trough a little cool water, for a bottom we will lay a rubber blanket, we will outline beautiful toys, and the child will be played by them sitting or creeping, gaining thus tempering contact piece to water.

Anyway and without dependence from age it is necessary to mate bathing with washing incidentally. 2 times a week are quite enough for the thoracal baby, well and for creeping on a dwelling unit, maybe, it is necessary and every day.

Washing of the child which one bathes in the complete trough, is performed as follows. Before the bathing termination it is necessary to take a plastic bucket and to charge with its water – most easier endways from a trough to scoop. Then by means of a baby soap (shampoo) the child is soaped endways in water, it is possible some times and basts (mum’s arms much more pleasantly) are completely not obligatory. That’s all. One parent hoists the child, retaining it under mice, and second pours out on top a water bucket.

We have exorcised Kohl about the bathing extremity, it is necessary to mark: it is necessary to be aimed in every possible way to that duration of routine was not less than 15 minutes. Was quite possiblly that the kid will be capricious, and you cannot spot, that he wants. Try, experiment. Change water temperature and a standing of the child in water, move it in a trough, maybe, it has got hungry more actively and it is necessary to modified next time a bathing time (to bathe not for an hour to meal, and in an hour after meal).

Check: to foresee all possible problems it is impossible. But for the solution of an overwhelming majority from these problems of vocational education it is not necessary to have.

So, for example, the son of my friends at the age of 4 months has taken to itself for a rule kakat in a trough.[72]
And there was it in the winter, and hot water was not. Therefore were plotted in advance, actively heating water all possible modes. And it, in a minute after dip… Well and anything: have got out – pants with elastics have put on its and kept in readiness a bucket with warm water to rinse out.

Let’s mark that if the child should"bathe 20 minutes, and it prolongs to behave decently – does not cry, is jerked etc., – that it is not necessary to hurry up. But, so far as to someone from participants of process has very much bothered – it is concluded.


28 Сентябрь 2012 – 1:57

At a deficiency of vitamin D the rachitis unstrands.[59] The rachitis is perceived by all as very terrible word, almost equal on sense to a word the idiot.

It is enough doctor to "call" child a rachitis as parents start to undertake drastic measures for the prompt salvage. And actually very many scientists at all do not consider a rachitis (its light implications, certainly) in the capacity of illness. Well it for illness which one in this or that form is at all children?

Vitamin D (ergocalciferol) regulates a calcium and phosphorus swap in an organism. It is worked out in a skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Rays of this the child very often does not suffice – environmental conditions (we live behind the Polar circle, were born in the winter), insufficient abiding in the open air etc. As protective treatment of a rachitis does not introduce special complications and does not demand the significant investments, without fail it is necessary to be engaged in it at least because your daughter completely not necessarily to have curve legs.

The method of constant protective treatment is most rationalised. Until the child is fed with maternal milk, vitamin D is accepted by mum. Or 2 drages of "Hendevitum" in day, or 1 drip of Solutio oleosa of an ergocalciferol of 1 times in 3 days (1400 unities in a drip). Since that moment, as other nutriment (kefir, gruels) start to exceed 1/3 part of a blanket diurnal amount of meal, start to yield vitamin D to the child – quite enough 2 drips in a week. For the child who is on artificial feeding with adapted milk mixes, will suffice and 1 drips in a week (vitamin D is a part of mixtures). If the child (or feeding mum) at least half an hour in day is on the sun, any vitamin D it is not necessary.[60]
Therefore rachitis protective treatment is actual, first of all, from October till March.

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